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                                                                                                             There will be about 6 to 8 steps from choose the machine model to confirm the purchase order. It  will be much easier to confirm the order for old customers,  one call can solve all of it. Now we well show you the steps of  upmentioned steps.

First step: Inquiry

Purchasers find our company through internet or other methods, such as telephone call, QQ, WECHAT. They connect with our sales staff, after a simple introduction between two parties, they will tell us what products they need to produce, the spec, material  according to the drawings or samples. Sometimes they will tell us which model they need.

Then we go to the second step as followed.


Second step: Needs anylise

Different types of products needs different model of machine. Combined with the technical department's recommendations, sales staff will recommend suitable products to customers according to the drawings or samples.  Generally speaking, the buyer from a long-term point of view, most  of them would choose  models with most widely function, most widely wire diameter range. From the perspective of the cost, will consider the models  with simple configuration,  if  choose from the need of special products, may have to increase the hydraulic shear or high-frequency heating machine, or a chamfering machine, probe, etc. The technical personnels, whom has engaged in wire bending forming nearly 10 years of wisdom and technology,  will give buyers a reasonable plan.  Then we go to the third step as followed.

Third step:Proposal

According to the technical department's recommendations,  there will be a most suitable proposal for customers, including  business matters such as the lead time, quotation and configuration after negotation between buyers and us. 


Fourth step:Investigation and sample making

If the buyer approved the proposed scheme,  they will go to the machine manufacturer, or ask for a proofing process. Befre the proofing, buyers and our company will  confirm all requirements of the samples. If we can do it, it will charge a little proofing fee, after the implementation of proofing work. Under the condition of buying equipment or proofing failed, proofing fee will be refund to the buyer. If the product has been made for many times or the product is simple, there is generally no need to make a sample. After the investigation, the buyer has enough confidence in the size, strength and ability of Hui Ting and will generally confirm the business and technical contract again.


Fifth step: sign the contract

On the premise of full confidence of both parties, the buyer and the seller shall make a detailed definition of the equipment model, configuration, price, payment method, after-sales service and delivery time, and sign a sales contract. Some state-owned enterprises or large enterprises shall also sign a technical agreement.


Sixth step: machine delivery

Generally we deliver by logistics delivery to customers all over the country.  If no special instructions, the logistics fees are borne by Hui Ting. When equipment  arrives, there will be some  configuration, such as decoiler (wire feeding), cutting tools, tool box, need to be carefully confirmed. If there is any problems, buyers can contact with our after-sales department ;


Seventh step: after-sales service

When the new machine arrives at the buyer for the first time, there will be a 10-day on-site training from Hui Ting. We promises to guarantee all the machines for one year and maintain them for life long time. Currently, there are after-sales service points in Zhejiang,DongguaN and Henan, which are convenient for customers to solve problems at any time. For users in Guangdong province, Hui Ting promise to reach the maintenance within 24 hours, and for users in other provinces outside the province which have no office at present, Hui Ting promise to reach the maintenance within 48 hours, except holidays.

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