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HT-3D-ZT580 Wire Forming Machine



Turn the HT-3D-ZT580 wire forming machine is mainly used in the auto parts industry, including car seat, car seat wire parts molding; pet cage fittings; kitchen accessories; garden tools and accessories, electronic products, toys, molding molding parts electrical parts molding, molding, sports equipment accessories stationery accessories, instrument fittings forming molding, molding, instrument fittings hair accessories, kitchen accessories, pendant molding molding handicraft molding, molding parts supermarket shelves for all types of high precision metal wire forming parts.


Technical data


(Model No.) 



No. of Axis


input OD of Wire

hard wire
Φ2.0 ~φ 6.0mm

 soft wire
Φ2.0 ~ φ8.0 mm


No. of Feeding Round

3 sets


Power of Wire Feeding Motor



Power of Turning Motor



Power of Wire Cuter Motor



Power of Moving Motor



Power of Angle Control Motor



Weight of Machine



Input Power



Size of Machine

3310mm X 2000mm X 1900mm


1. the turning iron wire bending machine is the principle of turning the head not to turn the line, the head structure is light, the head turn line does not turn, ensure the production and operation fast and stable.

2. the computer is open, the shutting down speed is fast, the operation is simple and convenient. The computer interface can change the program by the side speed control side.
3. the high speed motor is imported from Japan, and the reducer in Germany is imported, and the production speed is above 25% of the same products of the domestic counterparts.
4. transmission line and turn arm, both separation and coordination, turning the head when the real realization of the non rotation line, can achieve small outer diameter circular arc and multi circle product molding.
5. production can be real now the most slow angle of angle without any change, production stability is better.
6. bearing, gear and other important parts of Taiwan imported accessories, quality assurance for 8760 hours, equipment durable and reliable.
7. high precision, can do 3.0-8.0mm line diameter range of wire molding products, the error down to 0.1 mm.
The matching of the 8. wire to the connecting machine makes the switch line operation more convenient.
8. The computer operating system can be connected to the network to achieve remote control and operation. The production efficiency and output are displayed at the man-machine interface, and the equipment can be shut down automatically after the output is reached.
9. perfect after-sales service system: Guangdong province within 24 hours to reach the maintenance of the province, 48 hours outside the province to reach the maintenance, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Southern China, North China has after-sales service points, free technical training support.


1. Correct installation and placement

After the machine is placed in the workshop, sufficient grounding is needed. During the transportation process, the manufacturer needs to remove the wood plank and pad on the pad. The purpose is to prevent the wire rod forming machine from shaking due to the operation of the machine.
2, regular oil and butter
The location of refueling is mainly in the areas of crimp, wire feeding box and transmission gear, etc., for a long time, lubricating oil at the running in part of the wire forming machine part is maintained for a long time. Generally, butter is checked once a week.
3, keep the machine clean
Every day before work, employees need to wipe the surface of wire forming machine. If long-term unclean, oil accumulation will have the possibility of changing circuit parameters, and the long-term erosion of dust will make the machine surface aging and affect the appearance.
4. Normal operation and use
Pay special attention to not producing the product beyond the line range as far as possible so as not to reduce the precision of the equipment. The machine needs to be placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture from rusting or damage to the circuit. Timely and careful machine maintenance can not only maintain the accuracy and stability of wire forming machine, prolong the service life, but also reduce the repair rate of the machine.




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