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HT-Y550-Y560 CNC Spring Compression Machine

Features and functions

1. Use 5-axis linked computer control system and imported servo motor, perfectly matching with planetary reducer of Taiwan Pinhong and making the overall matching degree reach the golden ratio.

2. Use the computer with the interface in Chinese and English (optional), easy operation and accurate positioning. Achieve both synchronous and isolated operation of motors, ensuring higher level of automation.

3. Use the planetary reducer with no need of oil filling, reducing the risk of oil immersion in the servo motor. Use the elastic diaphragm type coupling as the cutting coupling, reducing the encoder damage caused by cutting vibration.

4. Make the special treatment with the excellent materials on the slides and the sliding plates, ensuring that both hardness and wear resistance reach the peak.

5. Continue the internationally recognized super-highly reliable lever drive of the outer diameter and variable diameter forming mechanisms, ensuring high accuracy and strong power, minimizing load of motor and reducer, and enhancing the force.

6. Be equipped with precision detection and tracking system, achieving the automatic stop of the machine in case of any unqualified product, thus improving product quality while ensuring the qualification.

7. It is able to modify parameters such as outer diameter and angle of products at any time according to the working condition shown on the display, providing more intuitive operation experience for you.

8. Adopt the automatic lubrication and oil supply design of the automatic machinery parts, ensuring the long time of operation of the equipment and reduce manual maintenance cost of the equipment.

9. Adopt the design of automatic stop of the machine in case of no wire, wire breaking or wire wrapping and the speed acceleration function of decoiler, thus making production easier and more efficient.

10. Can be used for production of torsional springs, straight springs, pagoda-shaped springs, tension springs, rectangle springs, wire  forming, steel sheet volute springs, spiral springs and various fancy springs and high-difficulty special-shaped springs.


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