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How to Make Line Forming Products Well
Time:2018-03-19 ClickNo:68
The production of linear forming products has the same and different points as spring and other hardware products. Linear forming products often play the role of bracket, shelf, and some are the role of elastic components. A complete production process of line forming mainly needs the following elements:
I. wire
At present, there are many low carbon steel or iron wire for wire forming, more Q235/Q195 for automotive parts and more stainless steel for kitchen and sanitary hardware. Require material coiling, good drawing process, fairly smooth, small tolerance and high surface finish.
II. Equipment
Five main indicators of equipment: stability, accuracy, speed, strength and automation. Among them, accuracy and stability are the key. The value-added of line forming varies from high to low, and there are many products with low value-added. It requires the equipment to be fast in order to produce high efficiency. At present, the high cost-effective line forming equipment on the market, domestic Max, Whitting and Korean turning machine, can be compared to make a choice.
III. Inspection Tools
There is no inspection tool for wire forming, it is difficult to master the standard for shunting machine, and it is difficult to determine whether the wire forming product is qualified or not because there is no inspection tool for the wire forming product. So we must make checking tools. A Shanghai automobile parts manufacturer is an important user of Huiting. Their products are fully inspected and their quality is well-known in the industry.
IV. Shunting Technology
The same wire and equipment, the same products, different technicians, the accuracy and speed of debugging out-line products may vary. This is caused by the difference of technical ability of technicians. The way to solve this problem is to employ qualified technicians or let the workers who have the basic operation of machine tools learn how to operate, so that they can start as soon as possible. Technicians should have the ability to draw and make cutters, and the ability to correct cutters according to the results of debugging. In the debugging line-forming products, wire straightening is the key, and other forming processes are compared according to the requirements of drawings or samples, and completed step by step until the whole product debugging OK.

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