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What are the important components of wire bender?
Time:2018-03-19 ClickNo:54

      Answer: Take Whitting Turning Machine as an example, there are mainly the following core components: turning arm, angle folder, cutter, wire feeder, straightening mechanism, driver, computer, wire feeder and protective cover.

A. Rotary arm: By rotating the arm, the 3D space angle can be formed.
B. Angle folders: Line folding function, different R-bit with different angle folders.
C. Cutter: Used for cutting off function.
D. Delivery box: for delivery.
E. Straightening mechanism: used for wire straightening.
F. Driver: A controller that converts computer programs into motor operation instructions to control servo motors. Its function is similar to that of frequency converters acting on common AC motors. It belongs to a part of servo systems and is mainly used in high-precision positioning systems.
G. Computer: Control driver, arrange production process.
H. Line feeder: Load wire, output wire under the pull of the main engine.
I. Cover: Safety protection.
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